Saturday, September 10, 2011

Starfish Escort Cards tutorial! Great for Beach Weddings!

Although this blog will mostly be dedicated to my life at home, I did want to include some fun things and projects from our tropical themed beach wedding! I received so much inspiration from blogs, I made a promise to myself and some of the girls on my wedding blog site that I would update and share my ideas and inspiration. 

This blog is about our Starfish Escort Cards! They were super simple and added such a cute inexpensive element to our wedding by the sea. I hope you all enjoy and if you decide to make your own Starfish Escort Cards please leave a comment with a photo of the ones you created! 

Materials Needed:
Mini Starfish 2-3" in size (I ordered mine from
Ribbon (about 2 packs for 80 place cards)
White Shimmer Card stock (I used 3 sheets)
Orange Sharpie Pen
Hot Pink Sharpie Pen
(Or your wedding colors)

Sand box (my dad built mine and painted it orange)

The first thing I did was pre-cut my ribbon to save time, I cut it about 10 inches long. I ended up having to cut the ends because I had so much extra but it was better then not having enough. I suggest cutting it about 6-7 inches long depending on the Size of your starfish.

Then I Pre-cut my place cards with my Martha Stewart Cutter (this thing was a lifesaver in all of my wedding projects!) I don't know the exact measurements I cut them at but I could fit 3 rows for each sheet of card stock I had. I would say they were close to 3" x 5" in size. (If you don't want to hand write the place cards then before cutting you need to print out the names using excel. Break it down into 3 rows and then cut your cards out. I would use a nice font like 'Scriptina' Which can be downloaded from

So now I had my basic materials and everything laid out and ready to assemble.

I wrote all my guests names on the cards in Orange and then did the table name where they were sitting in Hot Pink. It ended up looking awesome.

I took a starfish and wrapped the ribbon around the bottom leg and back up to the top of the starfish, I punched holes into my place cards and pushed them through the ribbon, then I tied a knot around the place cards after they were in place.

I repeated this step with All 90 of the place cards.

After they were completed it was time to alphabetize! I did this by printing out my excel master guest list ( they have templates on Microsoft word!) and it was really easy, I didn't put the sand into the box . I figured I would let my coordinator do that they day off because it would be hard to transport.

Everyone loved them and so did I! They really added to the feel of my wedding. I'm not great at tutorials but I hope I can inspire future beach brides in some way with things that inspired me and things that were appreciated and a great hit at my wedding! Everyone was complimenting me on all the details, it was so nice everyone appreciated everything that I took so hard to work on. 

Happy Wedding Planning girls!